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The Most Common Problem In Windows 10 And Its Effective Solution

A user can have a number of problems while installing Windows 10 on his PC. Most of those issues are solvable. It happens because Windows 10 comes with different upgraded components and to operate them comfortably, they require faster CPU. According to experts, if your CPU is less than 64-bit, it is hard to install and run on your PC.

From various issues, most of the time users face problem while upgrading Windows 10 from previous versions of Windows 7 or 8.

What to do if Windows 7 or 8 not upgrading to Windows 10?

Someone can find a number of prolonged issues associated with Windows 10. The initial issue will occur, if you’re your PC is not perfectly compatible. While your PC has an old configuration, the app won’t appear in the first place so download can’t happen. If your PC has Windows 7 or 8, then there are some things to try for the better experience.

  •         First, open the control panel of your own PC and click to run Windows Update. It will successful while your PC is fully properly configured. If the updates get failed, now you have to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  •         Probably, you know that, after installing Windows 10, your old OS version will be present and they chunk significant space from your disk. While you are upgrading, all your older Windows version doesn’t disappear but will be saved in a different file. But one thing is clear, that it will occupy significant space in your disk.
  •         For upgrading, use media creation tool. Visit the official page of the Microsoft Windows 10 page and here you will find the link, then download it and save on the PC. Many users experienced that, this link didn’t work some days before. Now it is working and Microsoft has improvised it. You can try it again.
  •         Before installation, make sure that, Your DEP (Disable Execution Prevention) has switched on in your BIOS setting. If you found some glitch in it, then follow your motherboard manual to solve this issue. You can also fix that following simple steps. Go to start menu and write performance in its search space. Now it will ask you to run the adjust the appearance and the performance of the Windows, Now time to access Data Execution Prevention tab and switch on the DEP entire programs and the service available in your system. Now reboot it and you can try again.

While upgrading, it asks for which purpose you want to use it Home or Business purpose. You just need to skip it, make sure that the latest will be installed. Microsoft has defined for the domestic and commercial use of windows. Most of the people use home version.