Windows 10

Why Has Microsoft Stopped Free Windows 10 Updates

The free upgrades of the Windows 10 OS are not there anymore. Microsoft has stood by its worlds. It had said that it will be stopping the free upgrades of Windows 10 after some time. It will now charge the Windows 10 users from getting the upgrades. The following are some of the main reasons why Microsoft has decided to charge for the Windows 10 upgrades and not offer it free.

All the necessary free upgrades have been offered

If you could recall, the Windows 8 OS from Microsoft did not catch the attention of a lot of people. Microsoft does not want the same thing to happen to the new Windows 10. Microsoft had gone the extra mile to say that Windows 10 is nowhere close to its predecessor Windows 8 platform. Microsoft gave free upgrades to Windows 10 for a year since its launch. The company has provided all the necessary upgrades to run the software without any issues. Hence, your PC will run fine with the installed Windows 10 OS. However if you do experience issues consult an internet specialist such as Top Vision Marketing. Microsoft is happy that a lot of people have taken to Windows 10 and installed it on their computers. But, the adoption is not at a fast pace. They feel that those interested in Windows 10 have already purchased it and hence have decided to charge for the updates.

PC industry not interested in free upgrades

Microsoft claims that the Windows 10 OS will give a new lease on life to the aging PCs. This is not what the PC industry wanted to hear. They have been hit hard by this message from Microsoft as the sales of new PCs have come down. If the users install the free Windows 10 OS on their computer, then they will not buy a new PC. With Microsoft pulls back on the free Windows 10 upgrade from any other older version of the OS, the PC manufacturers will be happy that they can see better sales of newer PCs with pre-installed Windows 10.

Microsoft has an ambitious plan of having one billion users using the Windows 10 platform. They are looking to close in on this figure by the end of 2018. This might not be possible if Microsoft stops offering the free Windows 10 upgrades for its users.