Windows 10

The Common Windows 10 Problems And Their Solutions

There are many problems that you will face when you are using the Windows 10. Some of the common issues have easy solutions and these are discussed here.

No Space to Install Windows 10

If you are looking to change to the Windows 10, then you need to see if there is enough space for the OS. If not, you will have to free some space on your computer so that the Windows 10 elements work properly. The Windows 10 OS needs at least 16GB of disk space. To see how much of space is left on the disk, go to My Computer and you will see the remaining space for every disk. Look for the space available on the main drive and if it has more than 16GB, then you can go ahead to install the Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10

Windows update not working

There are reports that Windows Update is not functioning in Windows 10. If you a too are facing this issue, first check if you have upgraded to the latest Windows 10 update. If the problem still persists, then you can download the Windows Update troubleshooter on your system and run it. If there are some errors, the troubleshooter will make the necessary changes to your system. After this, you need to reboot the system and try the Windows 10 update once again.

Delay in booting

The Windows 10 also has a hybrid booting option like Windows 8 to boost the booting time. The Windows kernel is in hibernation mode when you shut down the system. This is done to enable a faster restart. But, there seems to be a problem with the Windows kernel hibernation and this makes the Windows 10 slower for some users. It can be disabled by going to the Start Menu and run the Control Panel applet. In the left-hand pane, you can manually choose what you want the power buttons to do. If you want to change the power button settings, click on Change Settings option, scroll down and remove the tick mark next to the start-up option. Now, save the changes. By making this change, the slow start of the affected Windows 10 PCs will be prevented.

Localization issue

The localization option in Windows 10 is complex. The dates in American format are always an issue. Open the start menu and then search for the region. Look for Region and Language settings and click on it. Check the right country you are residing in and also choose the language you want to use as a primary language. You can also click on the download options under the language pack and speech options to get it on your system.