Common Problems Of Windows 10 And How To Solve Them

Microsoft has probably released the final version of Windows with Windows 10. However, there would be updates and changes that would evolve with time as per ongoing requirements and advances. Windows 10 promises the best operating system experience till now, but there can be certain glitches that you might come across. Here are some common problems and their solutions discussed.

WIN10 breakdown is a common worry for many users. Many worries that the operating system might break down for some errors or virus attacks. There is a system restore function that is provided to act as a safety net, but one should ensure that snapshots or restore points are saved regularly. You can type in the keywords like “create restore point” on search bar; visit the system drive and click on configure; here you will find the option to turn on system protection. You can set the max usage limit to 5 GB. Then click on apply to save the changes.

It is also important to note that your PC is performing as per desired speed. Even though this version of Windows is a quick and agile operating system, there can be instances when the PC slows down. In order to keep one’s PC optimized and clean, there are certain settings that need to be worked upon. You can open up the system configuration tab where you can select the option to hide all Microsoft services. This will help to turn off programs that one does not need. This will help to speed up one’s computer considerably. The other steps that one should take care to uninstall programs that would no longer be required by uninstalling through the Programs and features app. It is also necessary to go to disk cleanup and do the necessary. There are cleaning apps available like CleanMyPC which can also help to clean off unnecessary files from one’s computer.

In certain cases, wrong files are opened by the Windows 10 apps. If you wish to change the app that opens a particular file, simply go to the file type, right click on it and go to open. Here you can choose the app that would open the file type. You can choose the option to always use this app to ensure that all such files are opened by the specified app.